About Us

TCA is a cleaning company that is as transparent as water. We specialize in a wide range of cleaning services. Cleaning is a profession, TCA cleaning company understands this profession like no other. Professional, reliable, professional and meticulous. Offers are clear, cleaning programs plus frequencies are clear, agreements reliable, and targeted and fast communication ensures short lines of communication.

As a client, the quality and the result of our services count for you. You expect the cleaning work or other facility services in your building (s) to run smoothly. You will find the right partner in TCA for this. To us: appointment is appointment! At TCA we deliver what we promise. For you this means the certainty that you are better off, and above all cleaner, with TCA.

We like to work with professionals who are passionate about the business. Our employees are active in offices, public spaces, VVEs, factories, schools and festivals throughout the Hague region. Regular training guarantees professional work. TCA pays a lot of attention to the knowledge of its employees, so that they are always kept informed of the latest developments and techniques. Cleaning, glass washing and maintenance of natural stone floors are some examples of the wide range of services.

Only one thing counts for TCA: the satisfaction of our clients! Anyone who goes to work every day should feel comfortable there. TCA therefore maintains an open relationship with its clients. We keep our eyes and eyes open for everything that concerns a client. And then flexibly carry out all the assignments. This is only possible if there is a correct balance between personal attention and working according to procedures.

The central point is that the work process evolves with the needs of the client. In this way, the service always meets his needs. That is why every client has a permanent contact person, the district manager.

The district manager draws up a cleaning plan together with the client. It describes in detail what the activities are and how they should be carried out. TCA uses the Swiss Wetrok system for implementation. A high-quality, people-friendly and sustainable cleaning system that protects the environment as much as possible.

Work Plan
TCA creates a work program for each object that meets your needs and is the best in our experience. The composition of the work program depends on the work and the type of finishing material.

Of course, there are also schedules for the periodic cleaning work. for example in a kitchen, the daily cleaning work is not sufficient, which is why we have specialists in that area who carry out this periodic cleaning work.

TCA works with a log book so that there is regular contact between the client and the employee. The log book is read and drawn daily by the employee. Once a week, the log is read and signed off by the object leader.

Quality assurance
The quality of the work is important, both for you as a client and for us. Therefore, the cleaning work will be carried out monthly through a DKS check, and a copy of the DKS check will be provided to the client. The DKS report immediately indicates the average level of work and quality, as a result, any disruptions can be discussed and remedied with the client in the short term.

At TCA we think it is important that we maintain craftsmanship and share our knowledge. That is why TCA has been recognized by SBB as a training company. This means that we meet all the conditions to provide students with a fully fledged learning workplace. In our company, students can achieve the learning objectives set for the course.

To help the students realize this, we provide adequate guidance within our company. In this way, companies always get the best qualified professionals. TCA is happy to contribute to this initiative.

“As an SBB recognized training company, we guarantee quality and added value that you will see in all our projects.”


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