Building Cleaning

TCA can also be used for cleaning construction chains, cleaning the chain and management units on construction sites.

Our core activities in construction industry are

    • Cleaning maintenance of your construction site
    • Performing a one-time cleaning
    • Deliver your construction site sparkling clean
    • Cleaning and finishing touches
    • Cleaning in accordance with your request
    • Glass cleaning inside and outside

All our employees have VCA, we are flexible, think of construction work or extra work.

Do you want periodic cleaning of your construction trailer or canteen cars at a time that suits you?

Make an appointment with us, then we can discuss with you what we can do for you.

When cleaning, everyone immediately thinks of the interior and the windows. But an outdoor area also deserves regular cleaning. At TCA, your parking space, terrace and courtyard are as thorough as your interior. From removing and disposing of litter and waste to cleaning street furniture.3

Preventive spreading, making snow and ice free of your driveway, parking space and entrance is also possible.

From roof to gutter and from facade to terrace tile, we clean everything thoroughly for you.
Thanks to the environmentally friendly products we use, everything is neatly cleaned and the environment is not burdened more than necessary.

Cleaning under high pressure is also called steam cleaning and is mainly used for light deposits.

Steam cleaning is a method to have your facade cleaned. In this method, water is heated to a maximum of 150 degrees and sprayed onto the facade with high pressure. The heat softens the dirt and starts to soak. The high pressure ensures that the dirt comes off the wall. Since no chemical agents are used, this method is especially suitable for light forms of scale.

A few examples of applications

    • High pressure cleaning of floors
    • High-pressure cleaning of all types of paving
    • Spraying facades with high pressure
    • Spraying (industrial) machines with high pressure
    • Graffiti removal

Stubborn dirt? Call for an appointment

If you would like to know whether TCA can help you with cleaning your object, please make an appointment without obligation.

Almost everyone gets involved, for example as a result of a death, a move, or a sale. Evacuating a house or business premises, perhaps from yourself or a family member, a good acquaintance, a friend. In some cases in an emotional situation. In a number of cases people are unable to do this themselves, with the help of their own people.

If it concerns a rental apartment, care apartment or rental home, this will of course be done entirely in accordance with the requirements of the housing association, the care home or other landlord and TCA will prepare the home for rental. If your own apartment or owner-occupied home is sold, we make it ready for sale and clean.

It is often the case that a house or commercial property must be delivered broom clean

This condition is often stated in the lease that you have with the housing association or broker. As a tenant, it is therefore expected that the house is delivered broom clean. Failure to comply with these conditions can have unpleasant consequences. For example, the landlord may decide not to repay the deposit paid or to impose a fine.

Think of this, among other things

    • Furniture and personal property must be removed from the home or business premises
    • Nails and screws must be removed from walls and / or floors
    • Disassembly and / or removal of items that are not original. Such as: floors, curtains, screws, shelves, lamps …
    • Cleaning work in kitchen, toilet and bathroom
    • Clear balcony, cupboards, basements, garages and crawl spaces
    • Repair work such as removing wallpaper, stucco or painting

The lease often states what the exact conditions are. If there is uncertainty about this, we will contact the landlord to prevent problems after evacuation.

    • Kitchen, bathroom and toilet have been thoroughly cleaned. No mold is present
    • Toilet bowls do not have limescale
    • Doors, windows and frames are clean and free of grease
    • Empty delivery of the house, the storage room, the attic and / or the shed are empty and broom clean
    • Adhesive residues on floors and stairs have been removed
    • The garden looks neat. That means that no excessive weeds grow, there is no high growth
    • And there is no litter in the garden
    • Waste containers are empty and clean
    • Light switches, sockets, door handles, shields and plastic frames are unpainted
    • The interior paintwork is of good quality
    • You do not have to remove the name plate from the joint bell plate
    • You can usually leave curtain rails and outside blinds.

Many problems can be prevented by periodically cleaning gutters.
A blocked roof gutter means that the rainwater cannot drain through the designated drain. The gutters can sag and overflow, and large amounts of contamination can suddenly shoot down the drain, which is guaranteed to clog it. This increases the risk of leaks, rotting window frames, mold and discoloration of the walls due to moisture.

All this misery can be prevented by cleaning the gutters every year, a job that we are happy to take off your hands. We can combine this with other activities, but you can of course also use us for your gutters.

With new construction, renovation and renovation, the house or business premises are often delivered broom clean. They are therefore not yet suitable for habitation. That is why delivery cleaning is necessary to really clean windows, walls, doors, floors, sanitary areas, stairwells and lifts.

What is construction delivery?

By construction delivery we mean the completely clean delivery of retail properties, commercial spaces and homes. Think of sweeping the entire building, the paint and sealant to be removed, removing the cement veil, descaling the sanitary groups, scraping and washing glassware, scrubbing or waxing floors and other work you wish.

Deliver construction work clean

    • Removing edges, ridges, contacts, radiators and doors
    • Removal of temporary protective materials and stickers
    • Scrubbing hard floors
    • Making dust and cleaning floors, walls and ceilings
    • Vacuuming the carpet
    • Internal and external cleaning of the kitchen blocks
    • Complete cleaning of the toilet areas and other wet areas
    • Removal of loose dirt

Do you have your house for sale, or are you moving? Even then we can help you:

    • Cleaning before the viewing
    • Sales styling and execution of refurbishment work
    • Maintenance plan for your vacant home
    • Evacuation of the building
    • Green maintenance
    • Glass and facade maintenance
    • The clean delivery of your newly occupied home

Evacuation of the house

You can even come to us for cleaning in combination with evacuation of homes.
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Would you like to know more about cleaning before and after a renovation or move? Please contact us via our contact form or by telephone 070-3677069.


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