TCA takes care of the deep cleaning of sanitary areas and kitchens on site. Deep cleaning is done with a professional steam cleaner that disinfects and cleans the walls, floors, doors, toilet bowls, toilet seats and lids. This also applies to hoods, kitchen cabinets, tiles and counter tops.
It is important to apply deep cleaning in sanitary areas and kitchens because dirt can settle in the places that are difficult to reach by hand. With depth cleaning, it can be removed, which optimizes hygiene. We guarantee you a very intensive cleaning program, which meets the strict requirements. All hard-to-reach areas are completely stripped of lime, grease and dirt using special machines and methods. TCA offers depth cleaning in:

    • Deep cleaning plumbing
    • Depth cleaning kitchen

Regular maintenance is not always enough to properly clean the hard-to-reach areas under edges and ledges. The products with which our employees are allowed to work are mainly suitable for the daily cleaning work. Organic and inorganic pollution (such as urine salts, fat deposits, corrosion and lime scale) builds up in these areas, creating an unwanted breeding ground for bacteria. The accumulated dirt also causes odour nuisance and congestion in the long term.

TCA ensures thorough and specialist cleaning and disinfection of your plumbing using high-pressure or steam equipment. We guarantee you a very intensive cleaning program, which meets the strict requirements. All hard-to-reach areas are completely stripped of accumulated, not always visible pollution with special machines and methods.

Deep cleaning sanitary facilities include:

  • Cleaning of sink including taps and siphon
  • The toilets and the flush tanks, incl. the rubbers, which are replaced if necessary
  • Space in which sinks and toilets are located


In order to achieve optimal hygiene, depth cleaning is necessary in addition to the daily cleaning.
We mean a very thorough cleaning to complement the daily and periodic cleaning of the kitchens. Where the daily cleaning does not come to pass, our employees thoroughly clean the entire kitchen.

During this periodic thorough cleaning, kitchen appliances are disassembled, cleaned and reassembled. For example, accumulated pollution is also removed in hard-to-reach places.

Depth cleaning kitchens includes, among other things,

  • Cleaning and disinfecting hard-to-reach places
  • Intensive cleaning and descaling of kitchen appliances
  • Cleaning the outside and inside of your kitchen cabinets
  • Cleaning your work tables
  • Control and repair kit edges
  • Inspection and descaling of the equipment
  • Cleaning your pipes
  • Intensive cleaning of floors and walls

In addition, a hygienic workplace reduces absenteeism and maintains various equipment in the kitchen.


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