A clean office has a motivating effect and ensures that your employees work with a pleasant feeling. In addition, a clean working environment contributes to a pleasant working atmosphere and leads to increased productivity.

Our experienced employees work quickly and efficiently to clean your office. They adjust their working hours to those of your employees. When the day is over for the staff, we start cleaning desks, doors, windowsills, floors, inventory, kidneys and sanitary facilities. If desired, TCA also cleans the keyboards and we make the computers dust-free. Your employees will find a fresh, clean workplace the next day; ready for another productive working day. A clean company is also a nice business card for your visitors.


In the past, cleaning in office buildings was often done outside office hours, so that staff and visitors were not bothered by the work. Nowadays, however, cleaning is also often done during the day. As a company you give your visitors the impression that the cleaning within your office building is well taken care of. In addition, it offers you and your employees the opportunity to consult with the cleaners and thus tailor the cleaning tasks to the needs that exist at that time. In consultation, agreements can then be made about tasks that take priority to a greater or lesser extent.

If a building looks clean and tidy, it will be appreciated by the company’s employees, customers and other relations. It is therefore important for a company to have the site around the office in order. A clean and well-maintained facade and clean windows are also important, especially for a good first impression. In addition, it is pleasant for visitors to your company to be received in a clean and well-kept building.
An office often contains a lot of confidential information. That is why TCA is extra careful with selecting reliable, screened cleaners who will work for you.

Are you curious about our options for the maintenance of your offices?
For this we can visit you daily, weekly, monthly or periodically. A one-time cleaning is also possible.

Please contact us and ask for the possibilities.

The appearance of your business premises is also determined by factors within the building, the interior. Customers will get a good impression of your business if your chairs and carpet look neat and clean. TCA provides cleaning of chairs and the carpet, possibly as part of the overall cleaning plan.

Cleaning carpet is not only useful for the appearance of your company, but also for the health of your employees. More and more people are allergic to dust and dust mites. A lot of dust can remain in the carpet, which can be spread by use, especially when driving and sliding chairs. This makes employees with allergies uncomfortable at their workplace.

That is why it is important to have your carpet cleaned on time and regularly.

TCA uses the spray extraction method for carpet cleaning. After first vacuuming everything thoroughly with a brush plunger, we manually process stains. The entire floor covering is then sprayed with a cleaning agent. With a spray extraction machine, all dirt is rinsed with warm water under pressure and immediately vacuumed up again.

Incidental and interim stains can be tackled by TCA using the bonnet method. The carpet is vacuumed with a brush vacuum cleaner and injected with a cleaning agent. On the rotating disc of a single-disc machine, we attach a pad of white cotton or microfibre. This pad absorbs all the dirt it finds in the floor.

Do you also want your carpet or carpet to be spotlessly cleaned by our professionals? Request a quote today so that we can tell you our costs. You will see that our prices are very competitive. In addition, you are always assured of perfect cleaning with us.

Maar dat is niet het enige, waarvoor u bij ons terechtkunt:

    • Wij reinigen zowel vastliggende vloerbedekking als losse kleden of tapijten.
    • Our method is environmentally friendly, fast, and therefore advantageous for you.
    • You do not have to clear rooms, we put furniture aside for you.
    • Because there is deep cleaning, the result is optimal and it stays beautiful for a long time.
    • All our staff are experienced and well trained, including for other services.

Are you convinced of our experience and professional carpet cleaning? Please call quickly for a quote.

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