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Precisely because an entrance, staircase is a space that in principle everyone who has to be somewhere has to go through, it quickly gets dirty. Mud, footprints, waste: an entrance, staircase has a lot to endure. Here you will receive family, guests and potential customers. Still, you want it to always look clean and tidy.

Cleaning an entrance, staircase is a service that the Owners’ Associations and housing associations, flats, apartments and companies, but also often outsourced to a cleaning company by private individuals. TCA takes care of cleaning your entrance, porch, staircase or elevator. Both for large-scale complexes and for somewhat smaller luxury apartment complexes.

TCA has a permanent team that specializes in cleaning entrances and stairwells. We know various options for this and can be of service to you on a one-off, periodic or recurring basis.

Walls and ceilings are available in countless different types of materials. A clean ceiling or wall makes for a neat impression. When it is no longer tidy due to nicotine, mold, fat or lime scale, we can clean it for you. Our employees have experience with all wall and ceiling materials and know exactly what is needed to clean them. In addition, they clean light fixtures and ventilation grilles.

You can contact us for

    • Cleaning of acoustic ceiling materials
    • Wet cleaning of hard and closed wall and ceiling finishes
    • Cleaning light fixtures
    • Cleaning of ventilation grilles

We always think along with you about the planning of the cleaning activities so that your employees experience as little inconvenience as possible.

We fly from work to the kids’ homes, want to keep up with our hobbies and prefer not to miss a vacation. And in between we must not forget the household. Despite the fact that you regularly clean the house, there is still overdue maintenance throughout the year. For example, almost everyone has to deal with caked food residues in the oven, grease stains on the hood, stubborn limescale deposits in the bathroom or something like dust nests behind the radiator.

We have the solution. We are happy to take care of your cleaning work. You can use us for a one-off job, such as for the bathroom or windows, but also for regular cleaning work, so that you have more time to do the things that are important to you. Our skilled cleaners use our specialist resources and extensive experience to ensure that your home can withstand a period of time within a whole day. Fabrics, cleaning, curtains, carpet or windows…. We arrange it all!

TCA is also available for cleaning your terrace, entrance or pavement. Whether it is stone tiles or wooden decks, with professional equipment we ensure that your terrace looks like new again. Green attack is part of the ‘Dutch weather’. A well-kept terrace and pavement gives a garden a nice appearance.

Van TCA specializes in cleaning in a careful manner without the sand being blown away during cleaning. We also clean garden furniture expertly so that you can enjoy it all year round.

Enable TCA, among other things

    • Complete renovation and cleaning of gardens and green areas
    • Pruning work on plants and trees
    • Maintenance of landscaping, lawns and gardens
    • Cleaning flat roofs and gutters
    • Washing net curtains, including collection and hanging
    • Washing curtains including picking up and hanging
    • Cleaning blinds and slats
    • Washing of bed linen etc.

Spring cleaning is a great time to get the house in order before entering summer. A special team from TCA ensures that your house is completely cleaned again in a whole or half a day, with the cabinets being cleaned in addition to all windows, floors and sanitary facilities.

Parties, congresses and fairs are organized every day of the week and at any time of the day. That means that sometimes during the day; then in the evening often on weekends and occasionally also at night cleaning.

We have experience with various events. From large (multi-day) concerts and festivals to fairs, city parties, sports tournaments and parades with a large audience. We have specially trained and motivated staff for event cleaning. Our professional management and employees are all-round and also provide hand and tension services such as:

    • Laying patio slabs and carpet
    • Hanging up boardings
    • Cleaning of stands
    • Waste disposal and waste management
    • Technical jobs
    • Clean and manage sanitation
    • Keeping sky boxes and VIP accommodations representative

On request, we take care of the entire management of cleaning work, toilet services and waste processing, so that you can focus on your event with confidence.

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